Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Blog...Ever

The countdown has begun with the Wildman over a year ago, however as of today we are less than 3 weeks away from embarking on history.
Jerry, A.K.A. Wildman has shipped his Harley south to Florida to participate in the Hoka Hey. For all you who don't know about this event, you will! ( Google: Hoka Hey for their official website and more details.) Follow this blog where Cheryle, myself (Rebecca) and Shelbe will post to you as often as possible from the road to share with you a 7,000 mile journey from Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska. Our journey will begin on the afternoon of June 14 by leaving Alaska to fly to Florida. The race begins on June 20th.
Check back often after the 14th for more details. Hopefully I will learn how to post pictures also so you can have a look at we are seeing!


  1. Becky, I cannot tell you how excited George and I are about the blog! We have been following him with the GPS and now we will have a story to go along with it.

    Well, done! Have a wonderful, safe and fun trip of a lifetime!



  2. Thanks Maureen! It should be an adventure and it is all about the "story" later.. I so appreciate the followers.. I was for sure thinking that it would be like 2-5 people.. 13 as of now!! Check back after the 14th for the new blogs..
    xxoo back at'cha!