Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Link to Hoka Hey

Photo: Cooper Landing and Kenai Lake.. one of the places the race passes through!
Hi friends and followers! First of all Thank you, it makes the blog not be in vain to know there are some friends out there that want to follow our progress. To inform you about the rules, and etc.. I am posting a link to the Hoka Hey Challenge website. Find out all the details about the trip, (as much as we know before the big event).
Secondly, some want to know what our route is and etc.. Check the website above for full details but this is as much information I can give you as of now from us: Wildman is about #427-ish on the startline, No he won't have Cheryle, Shelbe or myself there for the start, we are hoping some of Wildman's other children will be able to be at the start to support him, however we are hoping to get out of Key West before the 1,000 riders and their followers...
June 14 fly to Florida, arrive early in the morning of the 15th.
Spend a few days in Boca Raton with some great friends, Denny and Lisa, get acclimated and then journey to Key West a few days before the race to get "the feel" of the area and find out all the details.
Cheryle, Shelbe and I will be leaving Key West on the 19th to get out of the masses of people and be able to be on the road ahead of the Wildman. From there it is anyone's race and we will be trying to photo, and record and document and blog as much as possible to make you feel that you are in the race with us!
Check back for more details, I hope to have some pictures of Wildman and his Following crew posted before we leave, Time will tell.
He is prepping for his race by giving the butt a long ride up north to Fairbanks this weekend, it isn't 7,000 miles, but it is about 485 from here. (one way)
I also need to include how proud I am of Wildman, he has 5 children and 8 grandchildren and one on the way, he is excited and motivated. He has years of driving under his belt and an opportunity like this is once in a lifetime event. Good Luck Daddy! Show them who the Wildman is!

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