Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


750 miles later, laughter, fun and games in the car keep us occupied. Boy am I glad I don't live in this traffic all the time. The countryside is so beautiful down here and the farms and homes. The Alabama sunset tonight was fantastic, the heat and humidity are still stupid, but that just keeps us wanting to travel north!
We decided to bunk down just north of Birmingham? (spelling) and get a good nights sleep. Hopefully we will trek though Tennessee and then to Kentucky and visit some dear friends to Shelbe and I, The LUNDYS!
Jimmy called me today and first words out of his mouth: "You are in trouble! I see you going 72 miles an hour!" I laughed and had to explain that the speed limit is 70 and I was passing someone. We also learned that on the GPS tracking site you can push a button on the upper left corner by the direction arrows that is labeled BIRDS EYE VIEW and you can see EXACT locations and buildings and cars! There is no hiding with that thing in the car!
Well off to bed and early to rise to hit the pavement again!


  1. ....see, I knew that laughter was you girls!! Great picture.

    Happy Trails!

  2. WOW....10:20pm est and you gals seem to still be on the road going 50mph.

    Safe trip! Enjoy the ride....now get a map from an rv store and mark in all your states you have traveled.

  3. Curious,.......how bad is the bike ?

  4. ...looks like you are on the path to CO. If you really are and want to stay at our place DO! Let me know and I will make it happen. Free place to sleep is good.....just water the plants!!

  5. Joe: The bike has over 5,000 worth of damage, but the frame is looking good. The damage will be re-assesed once the guys at the Kenai Peninsula Harley get it gone through and torn apart thouroughly.
    It doesn't look too bad and it is not a total loss... Ride on!