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Sunday, June 20, 2010

:( Bad News

Sorry to have to deliver this to you, however around 10:45 am, Jerry called to let us know that all is okay and he was getting gas and a pair of sunglasses out, 5 min later we learned that he had 3 motorcyclists wreck in front of him and he too went down and has a possible broken leg. Right now we (Support Crew) are 544 miles away from him and we are back tracking to find him in Immokalee, FL... AS MUCH AS WE KNOW:
He may have a broken leg and the bike is wrecked. We will post more as we know. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Lisa and Denny are getting to him before us and like I said we will keep you updated as we know.
Sorry for the bad news.
Becky, Cheryle and Shelbe


  1. Sorry to hear about the spill. Hope the leg heals quickly and he's back in the saddle soon.

  2. Give him a big hug from us. Our thoughts are with all of you. Anything you need that we can help with let us know.
    Cheryl hang in there. What a disappointment for all of you.

    Pat & Nik

  3. Wow - totally sucks. Wish him well. Can't think of a lot to say except good wishes to all of you.

    Please don't stop posting cuz we're all "watching" and hoping all is well.

  4. Good Grief! We are so sorry, have been on the edges of our seats w/ excitement for you, now it's concern...please let us know if there is anything we can do. As always you are all in our hearts and prayers.
    Love Always,
    Roger & Amy

  5. Many concerned followers out here... if you are able to obtain names of others that went down please be sure to post. We are not able to contact our rider. thanks!

  6. Just got home from work and heard the news. Our hearts go out to all of you and hope Jerry is OK. As George said, keep posting we want to know how you are all doing.

    Give him our love please. How sad on so many levels. He has been so excited and looking forward to the race .....

    Love and hugs to all,


  7. We're thinking of all of you! We've got Brody McNeill in the race from Anchorage -- works for the AMHS. He said this morning's ride was crazy hairy! He's keeping us posted via Facebook and his blog too.

    Here's his blog: http://frictionzonewarrior.blogspot.com/