Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


We would prefer not the bust part, but definitely the Alaska part.
Alabama was pretty, and so was Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Missouri is just Missouri, I have spent my fair share of time in Missouri so there is nothing special other than the ARCH in St. Louis. Our GPS navagator (TomTom) we named "Tilly" was kind enough to route us through downtown St. Louis at sunset so it was really pretty!
We stopped briefly in Louisville, Kentucky to visit with some dear friends of ours, Will and Rachel Lundy and their beautiful children. Some stops along the way make the trip very memorable and seeing them was definitey at the top of my list!!!
Our goal is to make it to North Dakota to see my brother Jerry and his family. I HAVE to put my arms around my niece Callie! We are also going to back track a bit and head south after ND to go to South Dakota to see a friend of my fathers, Dave. (he has new baby horses that were born recently!) Going back to South Dakota after ND will put us on the road to see Mt. Rushmore. Then we are planning to go NORTH! Straight up and out of Montana into Canada..
It was really nice to get up this morning to 76 degrees instead of 96 by 8:30 am! We can definitely appreciate the cold!
Maureen, thank you so much for the offer, your plants may have to suffer as we are not planning on going through Colorado.... now if you were there it would have given us a reason to go through there, but nope, you aren't so we are on route to ND!


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful plan already! You would have been most welcome at our house as you know but it would have been sad to have missed you!

    Enjoy all those visits you have planned and the countrysides. Thanks for taking the time to post your trip.

    Did Jerry and Denny make it home last night? Did the airline survive a trip with both of them at the same time? Hee, hee...

  2. Don't ever get rid of the GPS .....it is so fun to see where you are .....how long the potty/food breaks are and when you stopped and at how many miles for the day!

    Hope you get the same first view of Mt Rushmore that we did.....came around a corner and had an AWESOME view of George Washington's profile....STUNNING and something you will not forget.


  3. Don't forget the Corn Palace and Wall Drug. By now you have probably seen a million signs to Wall Drug.

  4. SO HAPPY to see you made to Mt Rushmore today! AWESOME SIGHT!!!

  5. You've got us puzzled. Anxious to see where your itinerary takes you next.

    How's Jerry doing? We're sure he's lying around healing and enjoying the attention. Ha!.

    Take care and enjoy.

  6. Glad you are haing fun! Be safe and will be keepin an eye on you....enjoy the weather while you can...liquid sunshine is part sun right???

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back in Cooper Landing! Bet you have some wonderful stories to tell!

    Anxious to hear about Jerry and when you are rested to hear stories about your trip.

    Welcome home.


  8. SO relieved to see you home in Cooper Landing! Was a little concerned when you hit that 'dead zone' with the GPS but you showed up again near Tok! Congratulations on a FAST trip. Am eager to her how it all went and get an update on Jerry!

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    I have been reading your blog since the beginning as it was such an AMAZING way to follow real riders as they partook on this amazing journey, especially seeing as your blog gave insight into riders that suffered from accidents. Sitting here at Raven's Brew headquarters, blogs like yours were all I had to connect with the actual real time event!

    I have some great event t-shirts left over from the final event that I desperately would love to get in the hands of Wildman, and the rest of your family. Basically I am looking to outfit from top to bottom all of you wonderful people involved in some way with the challenge!

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    Also, give my condolences to Wildman. Those shots of his leg still give me the shivers!

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