Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can you say "Hoka Hey"?

Photo: by Lisa Estes (Denny and Wildman)
The ride to Key West is really neat. Bridge after bridge after bridge and the Gulf on one side and the Atlantic on the other. The neatest bridge was 7 miles long!! The old bridge that stands (barely) next to it is where the movie TRUE LIES was filmed with Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold aka "the govenor"....Such beauty to watch the rain fall in the distance over the ocean and see the lightening bolts come down with a vengence and yet the sun was shining on us. We did go through a whole 3 minutes of rain (poor us :p ).
We are here at the southern most point in the continental United States of America. I have now been to the most Northern, the most Southern in Hawaii and the most Southern points of land in the USA!~!
There are Sooooo many bikers here they make their own thunder. Indiana, California, West Virginia, Florida, Alaska (another fellow other than us) and on and on... the bikes are in every parking lot, all proudly showing where they are from, we even ran into the most dedicated couple I have seen yet, they have MATCHING Tattoos of the Hoka Hey emblem, their Harley license plate says Hoka Hy1 and they BOTH are entered to run!
EVERY time my father sees another biker for the race he yells "HOKA HEY" and they turn with big grins and yell back "HOKA HEY"!!! There is definitely some excitement building here at the Hotel we are in, there are (NO JOKE) about 75 bikes out here in the lot and SEVERAL support crews, trailers etc..
Tomorrow morning is the check in at 8am and from there the rest will go down in History!
until the next blog... "HOKA HEY!!!"


  1. I wish I was there to take it all in,, sounds like a great time,, Hoka Hey