Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot In Florida

We made it to Florida! We traveled all day on Monday to get here but we arrived this morning safe and sound. The people, roads, masses of cars all is foriegn to poor Shelbe and she made it quite clear after going through traffic that she has no desire what so ever to drive here in FL and try to navigate the interstates and cars! (Can't say I blame her too much as going from little o'le Cooper Landing to this insane amount of people jam packed into this state!)
Wildman made some new girlfriends out of the stewardess' on the plane, which was quite entertaining from Anchorage to Seattle! Cheryle, Shelbe and myself sat in row 4 and watched Wildman entertain and meet everyone around him. I am not sure, but I think he is getting excited.
Denny and Lisa are wonderful hosts, good food, good company and an amazing home and pool! (yep pool)
Cheryle and Jerry were treated to a massage to loosen them up for the big journey, while Shelbe and I were content to go and swim in the Ocean and beachcomb.
The trailer is being prepped for the drive to be hauled behind the van we are driving up. Wildman and Denny just left for the bike shop to pick up Dad's Harley. Should I have mentioned that it is extremely humid here? 90% or something ridiculous like that. The temp was above 90 by 10am.
I am sitting here cross legged on the carpet staring out the window at the pool (can you hear it calling me? I can!), with the sun beating down. Cheryle is napping, Lisa is napping, Shelbe is napping and me the "I can't nap" girl, blogging. (such dedication I give to you all as there has been NO sleep for anyone since Sunday night and here it is Tuesday at 3:40 Florida time. OUCH?) Okay Lisa just made a liar out of me as she got up and headed out the door for her turn at the Massage.. ( I will take the beach over a massage any day as I can get a massage when I get home!) AND as I have been writing this, the "boys" pulled up with the motorcycle and it is time for me to beg a ride on my dad's bike since he has YET to give me a ride on ANY of his bikes, so I may as well try and get a ride where I don't have to be wearing 20 layers to keep warm. T-shirt and shorts baby! OH YEAH!
Well you have the update, I had the time, so keep looking and reading, we have pictures to post at some point in time. Exhaustion will set in and we will all get a good sleep in before we start tomorrow's adventure!


  1. Very nice. Glad to see you made it with no issues. Can't imagine Jerry coming out of his shell on the plane. Must have been a kick.

    Shelbe doesn't appreciate the people and traffic? And it's not even tourist season.

    Continue with the fun and frivolity. Maureen will be sending a neat picture from this past weekend.

    Say hi to all for us.


  2. Becky,

    How awesome the update....thanks so much. Jerry sounds like he is a little kid at Christmas and enjoying every minute. You gals sound like you are having a ball with this adventure also....that is so exciting!

    Know how Shelbe feels.......a zillion cars here as well as people and the season does not start till Friday. Hang in there Shelbe.....WE will survive.

    Wish you had a video camera or a camera to take pics of Jerry on the plane......he is so shy and retiring it would be fun to see him break out of his shell!

    How fun to be with Lisa and Denny....they sound like wonderful hosts...we hope to visit them in FL sometime.

    Humidity in CO is in the single digits or teens and here it is not unlike FL so we can appreciate how you feel about the weather. Supposed to be 90ish this weekend and 80's humidity.....sound like what you are experiencing?

    We wish we could be there with you on the trip but your blog and gps are the next big things to keep us close to you. Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute. Give each other a big hug and Jerry 2 for good luck from us.

    Love and hugs to all,


  3. May the wind be always at your back, Jerry!!

    Love and hugs,


  4. Maureen,
    HE is a little kid in the candy here. It is so funny, he can't contain himself, however he is getting serious and we chatted last night and I feel that he is really focused and ready.. Time will tell... Until then it is all the "unknown"
    Thank you so much for following and commenting, it makes my efforts feel like they are worth the time to write!
    Hugs to you and George!
    Becky and family.
    "HOKA HEY"!!!!